What is the Biofield?

There are many definitions of the Biofield, depending on where you look for the information, whether found in course descriptions at universities around the world or in esoteric texts. Here is a description I like best, and then I will leave the ongoing research up to you, so you can define it in your own way.

The Biofield, sometimes referred to as the human energy field, is an electromagnetic field within and around every living body. It resonates in sound waves that travel about eight feet from the body.

Some people are sensitive to the Biofield and can sense it in themselves and others, sometimes from quite a distance. We all have this "sense" of others around us.

For example, when you feel like someone is watching you from a distance and you turn your head to meet their eyes, or when someone is standing very close (in your bubble) and you feel the need to move a bit further ahead because it just doesn't feel good to you, that is your sense of another person's Biofield. That's how subtle it can be.

Can you explain more about Biofield Tuning?

The term "biofield" refers to our body's electrical system in its entirety - both the electric current that runs through our bodies, and the magnetic field that surrounds it. Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that works directly with this system, seeing it inextricably connected with our conscious and subconscious mind, including our memories.

During a Biofield Tuning session, a client lies fully clothed on a treatment table while the practitioner activates a tuning fork and scans the biofield slowly, beginning from about six feet away, feeling for resistance and turbulence in the client's biofield, and listening for a change in the overtones and undertones of the tuning fork.

When the practitioner encounters a turbulent area, they continue to activate the tuning fork and hold it in that specific spot. Research suggests the body's organizing intelligence uses the steady coherent vibrational frequency of the tuning fork to "tune" itself.

Clients report feeling more relaxed, breathing easier, having more energy, an increased sense of flow and ease in their physical body and emotional responses, relief from feelings of "stuckness", and getting better sleep, among other positive results.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation and reduces stress, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. This hands-on method is used worldwide in private wellness centers, massage therapy practices, in hospitals for pre- and post-surgical care, and in adult care facilities.

Its use for healing and energetic balancing has been documented for over one hundred years, but is known in Japan as having a 2500 year history. The method I use has a documented lineage beginning with Mikao Usui Sensei (1865-1926).

What is the Harmonic Egg®?

The Harmonic Egg® is a patented technology that delivers the frequencies of light, sound, and color to the body in a resonant chamber. The chamber was designed in a dodecahedron shape, and it incorporates Tesla mathematics, sacred geometry and the Golden Mean Ratio within its construction.

Clients sit on a zero-gravity chair inside of the Egg, diffuse light emanates from the top and bottom of the chamber, and music resonates from speakers at either end.

The resonant frequency used by the Harmonic Egg® has an ability to detect the vibration of your body and any imbalance. That imbalance is harmonized with the exact opposite frequency.

A complete session is 50 minutes (40 minutes with light and music; 10 minutes with light and silence).

What makes the Harmonic Egg® a more effective method of delivering energy therapy than other systems?

The Harmonic Egg® is designed as a sacred geometric chamber that uses sound and light therapy with a resonant frequency to move and/or re-route blocked energy.

It is made of natural wood to enhance the resonance within the chamber.

There is no guess work for the technician, and the emotional and physical state of the technician does not affect outcomes.

It is not software-driven and does not incorporate Bluetooth or wireless technologies. The Harmonic Egg® is completely natural and safe.

What could a client expect from sessions in the Harmonic Egg®?

Clients might see improvement with a single session in the Harmonic Egg®, but more frequently 3-10 sessions are necessary depending upon the client’s goals.

Our clients say they experience healing on many levels—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Clients often find it is a consciousness-raising experience that increases creative thought and helps them heal from past traumas and limiting thoughts.

Often times there are odors released from the body, indicating an environmental detox.

Can you explain the importance of the music used in the Harmonic Egg®?

Music has long been known to have therapeutic properties. Some of the music used in the Harmonic Egg® was created and produced exclusively for use in this device. Many researchers, including Kay Gardner, author of The Inner Landscape, have identified the following:

Piano may be used to bring the nervous system into balance.

Drumming may build the immune system and is highly effective for Parkinson’s, MS, etc.

Flute may be used for anger issues, gout, sciatica, insomnia.

Bells may bring the heart chakra into balance. Bells may also be used for high blood pressure, asthma, apnea, heart and lung problems, breast cancer, allergies, fear of intimacy, low vital energy, adrenal fatigue.

Harp may be used for depression.

Violin may be used for tumors, etc.

Nature sounds may work on the DNA.

What makes the Harmonic Egg® unique?

The Harmonic Egg® is made of wood. The wood is specially chosen based on its vibrational frequency and availability. Different woods have different properties, and their energies combine and strengthen the integrity of the Egg.

The wooden structure is double-paneled specifically for resonance. Musical instruments, such as a guitar or violin, are crafted in such a way to amplify the tones being played. The Egg is designed with resonance in mind, just like a musical instrument or concert hall. The design of the Egg determines what music harmonizes within the Egg (not all music works), and therefore, what tones are healthy for the body. These musical frequencies combine with the light, color, and gentle vibration, all to create a relaxing environment for the body to let go and find homeostasis again.

There is no plastic in the Egg construction. The lights are mercury-free LEDS, and the paint is also non-toxic (No VOC). There are very low EMFs within the Egg, and it does not disturb the energy field with bluetooth, wi-fi, or any other wireless transmissions. The Harmonic Egg® holds no toxic materials which could compromise the health of the client.

Every session is unique. The vast combinations of music selections and lighting colors create hundreds of variations, which ensures creative solutions for each individual client, every time.

Will I hear binaural beats in the Harmonic Egg®?

No. There are many therapies that try to “force” the body and brain into a fixed outcome. The Harmonic Egg® meets the client where they are at and does not force an outcome, such as a specified brain pattern, a certain hertz frequency, or even a desired emotional state. The body is a complex mechanism, and every body has a unique unfolding. Trying to force an outcome can just further confuse and intensify the issues. Our center owners will work with you on your intentions, but the Egg will match where you are and gently unwind the stuck places to best meet your needs for healing.

How does a remote session work?

For a remote session, a client will send their photo to us by email and include their full birth name and complete birthday. The client would let us know what they are experiencing with their physical or mental health, if they are looking for relaxation or stress reduction, or if their intention is to work on something else. We agree on a date and time for the session, and the client would avoid strenuous activity, electronics, or any stressful environments during that timeframe. That doesn't mean they need to be sitting still or anything like that, but it does mean they should be in a relatively relaxed state while the session is taking place.

Here in the center, we will put the photo and the client's information onto the chair inside of the egg and complete the session. We will check in with the client just before the session to let them know we are beginning, and after the session to let them know the work has been completed.

Some people may choose to use this method for several reasons; if their mobility is challenging, if they are a great distance from a Harmonic Egg® center, or for helping their pets before or after surgery, or for another type of concern.

Several remote sessions have been performed on people (and pets) over the years. This is a good option for those who cannot easily come to the center.

How do I prepare for my visit?

Plan to dress comfortably and bring a pair of socks to help keep your feet warm.

We ask that you refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or essential oils when visiting the center. Many people, including our staff, are highly sensitive to fragrances and we want to keep the air filtered and free of distractions for all of our guests.

All metal, including jewelry should be removed for your session. Pacemakers and implanted metal are permissible.

Be prepared to relax during your session. You may keep your eyes open or closed, or even sleep if you wish. Use this time to relax.

Please reschedule any blood work, massage, acupuncture, biofeedback, cranial sacral, EMDR, use of the BioMat or any other energy work for 5-7 days after doing a session. Those who perform energy work will be fine to provide this for their clients, but do not have work done on yourself during this period.

Where are you located?

We are located in midtown Fort Collins near the corner of Drake and College.

343 W. Drake Road, Ste 109

Fort Collins, CO 80526

Please reach out to our office with your questions

970-286-2433 or sharon@sharonbond.com

How do I sign up for a membership?

Contact our office to talk about which membership is right for you and we will set you up on an easy monthly auto-pay.

970-286-2433 or sharon@sharonbond.com

Watch the video below for even more info about the Harmonic Egg®.